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Daniel and Martha Gutierrez

Each of us is part of the great dream of God, and therefore we must equip ourselves to lead in his kingdom. God will do new things in our lives when we seek Him with all our heart. We are going to raise families according to the purpose of God, a conquering generation.


Youth Ministry

Each young person has the potential to impact their environment and community In an extraordinary way, Through their creativity and energy, guiding them to know the purpose Of God in their lives and letting them know that in their youth, God You can use them, that's our vision in

the youth ministry

“Friday Night Live”.


Kids Ministry

Children are our generation and when they are instructed in the values ​​and principles of God, entire families will be transformed. That's what KWP (Kids with Purpose) is all about.  To teach children to discover their purpose in the kingdom of God.


School of Leaders

The School of Leaders helps to form those leaders of excellence in each one of us, helps us to discover the call of God, and activate the ministry that He has for us.


Womens Ministry

Mens Ministry

Our goal is to form groups Of virtuous women (Such as Proverbs 31) Let our women know How important they are before the eyes of God and can develop So in the important role That they play as Wives and mothers.

The main character within the family is the male.  God delegated His spiritual authority within us to lead the family, always teaching worship and total dependence to God.


Cell Groups

Evangelizing is the call of Jesus to all people everywhere. It is a pleasure to serve in the kingdom, to discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit in performing the work of evangelism, and to view transformations in households.

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